Apennine School Trip


A journey in Lunigiana, Tuscany: a border rural and undiscovered land, but a crossroad between the north and the centre of Italy, in the valley of Apennine National Park, a UNESCO MAB Reserve.

Day 1 – Pontremoli: Tuscany door.

Meeting with the guide in Pontremoli. During the morning, guided tour of Villa Dosi Delfini, a Baroque masterpiece in Pontremoli, built during 18th century by Dosi Delfini family. They were merchants and became rich so they could use money in the artistic field. With this mansion, the Baroque period starts in Pontremoli: palaces and churches of the old town were decorated by great artists from all over Italy.

Free time for lunch.

In the afternoon, guided tour of the town centre and the Piagnaro Castle, with its Museum of Stele Statues, which are prehistoric monuments found in Lunigiana. They dated back to the 4th millenium b.C.

Moving to the hotel.

Day 2 – Cooking Class

All day is dedicated to prepare traditional recipes of Lunigiana, as Torta d’Erbi (vegetable pie) and Testaroli (a typical Italian first course, similar to a pancake). During the day, lunch with these typical products.

Moving to the hotel.



Day 3 – Outdoor and orienteering in Lunigiana

The class will be divided into two groups: one group will ride an E-Bike among villages and castles of Lunigiana. The other half group will do a treasure hunt with GPS in a Natural protected area, in order to learn something about cartography and orienteering.

After lunch, the two groups will be switched.




This itinerary is available for groups of minimum 15 students and maximum 50 students. If there are more than 25 students, the groups will be divided in days 2 and 3: half a group will do the activities as the program, the other will do the activities of day 3 in the second day and the activities of day 2 in the third day.



Day 1: 250 € guided tour for each guide (1 per 25 students); 9 € tickets per student
Day 2: 150 € guided tour; 20 € per student cooking class.
Day 3: 200 € guided tour for each guide (1 per 25 students); 20 € per student for the E-Bike renting.