Discover the history of the Lunigiana villages while having fun

A very special guided tour, in which the protagonists are the kids, who, dividing into teams, will collect clues, details, stories and discover the secrets of hamlets and castles thanks to this unique and innovative way of learning while having fun!

Guided tour

This Treasure Hunt will allow students to get into the heart of the medieval old town through anecdotes, curiosities and questions. The students, divided into teams, will have to ask for clues and hints directly from passersby and locals to solve the many enigmas.

This activity, which fully meets the goals of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, is designed to  break down the generation gap and promotes a dialogue between the visitor and the host community.

The activity can be offered in several Lunigiana villages and castles such as Pontremoli, the Gateway to Tuscany, and Filetto, a splendid medieval walled village, up to the historic centers of Sarzana and Carrara.


It is possible to arrange the tour upon request for individuals, school groups or groups.

Contact us for rates and further details.