On a journey discovering  the Lunigiana Dantesca

A guided itinerary dedicated to the connections between the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri and the court of the Marquis Malaspina, protagonists for centuries in the history of Lunigiana.

Guided tour

A journey to discover the “Lunigiana Dantesca” and the historical-literary ties between Dante and the Malaspina family, Lords of Lunigiana: the sites, impressions and images imprinted in the mind of the Supreme Poet, an exile guest at the Malaspina court of Mulazzo, and even reported in the tercets of the Divina Commedia. .

Visit to the historic monumental village of Mulazzo and Dante’s House in Lunigiana to discover the journey of the Supreme Poet in Lunigiana and the passages of the Comedy in which the Val di Magra and its historical figures are mentioned.

Visit to the Malaspina Museum Archives and the exhibit illustrating the Expedition of Alessandro Malaspina The Navigator, the last great Malaspina: in the footsteps of an epoch-making journey, amidst research and discoveries, we retrace the life and exploits of an enlightened man in early 19th-century Lunigiana.

The itinerary is carried out in collaboration with the Centro Lunigianese di Studi Danteschi and the Alessandro Malaspina Foundation.


It is possible to arrange the tour upon  request for individuals, school groups or small groups.

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