E-Bikes rental

If you want to explore Lunigiana, the Via Francigena or the Apenniens National Park by bike on your own, rent one of our fantastic e-bikes! E-bikes are just as normal road and mtb bikes with gears and with an electric motor assistance that allows everybody, also those who are not particularly fit, to easily explore our area.
When: every day from April to October. Pick up from 9 to 12 am.

Pick up / drop off from our offices:
– Sigeric Point, Via Ricci Armani 10, 54027, Pontremoli (MS)
– Centro Produzione Didattica Sorano, SS62 Pieve di Sorano, 54023 – Filattiera – MS

What you can rent: E-bikes (electric bikes) + baby seats (0-3 yrs old) + trail-gator (children 4-7 yrs old), 24″ bike (8-12 yrs old) . Helmets, side bags and lockers will be provided.
 For how long: half day (1-4 hrs) – full day (4+ hrs) – more days up to 3

it is possible to book (upon availability) contacting us at info@sigeric.it or +39 331 8866241 at least 24 hrs in advance.
Trekking Bike Scott E-Venture: Half day (up to 4 hrs) 15 euro – Full day (4+ hrs) 30 euro
E-Mtb Scott E-Spark or Kettler: Half day (up to 4h) 20 euro – full day 40 euro
TrailBike/ Trait gator: Half day (up to 4 hrs) 4 euro – Full day (4+ hrs) 8 euro
E-Mtb Fully Giant E-Trance 2021:  Half day (up to 4h) 30 euro – full day 50 euro
TrailBike/ Trait gator: Half day (up to 4 hrs) 4 euro – Full day (4+ hrs) 8 euro
Child Seat: Half day (up to 4 hrs) 2 euro – Full day (4+ hrs) 3 euro

Special for accommodations
Hotels, B&Bs, Agriturismo can request the delivery of our e-bikes for their clients to their accommodation. Service available only for rentals of minimum 1 full day.
– Additional price of 25 euro for rentals of minimum 4 e-bikes for full day and delivery within 40 Km from our office, 50 euro for longer distance or fewer e-bikes.
– This service is free for accommodation that are associated to Farfalle in Cammino (how to join)


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Who can rent our e-bikes?
Anyone from our office in Filattiera. Accommodations in Lunigiana can also request delivery.Is it possible to pick up the e-bikes and transport them on vehicles?
No, it is forbidden to load the e-bikes on vehicles. It is possible only to cycle directly from/to Filattiera or from the accommodation where they have been delivered to. 
Is there any mechanical assistance?
In case of mechanical problems a member of our staff will provide assistance (within 40 Km).
Is it possible to rent the e-bikes for long periods or to keep them at my accommodation?No, our e-bikes can be rented for a maximum of 3 days.
Info & Booking:  +39 3318866241   /  Email: info@sigeric.it