Malaspina Castle in Monti, Licciana Nardi, guided tours

The Malaspina Castle in Monti, Licciana Nardi,  is one of the most charming castles in Lunigiana, which still belongs to the ancient owners: the Malaspina family, a noble ancestry.
It was a medieval castle, which controlled the valleys of the rivers Magra and Taverone.
During 16th century it was transformed in  a noble palace.
After the violent earthquake in 1920, the Castle was restaured and it returned to its former glory thanks to Malaspina family.

The guided tour, which lasts about 1 hour, will allow to visit the castle rooms and admire a marvellous view over Lunigiana from the wonderful terrace of the Castle.

Castle openings in 2020

12th -13th -25th -26th April

9th – 10th May

1st -2nd – 20th – 21st June

Fridays in July and August

15th – 16th -29th– 30th August

19th -20th September

3rd – 4th– 17th -18th October

14th – 15th November

5th – 6th December

Useful information:

The cost of the guided tour is 8 € per person (5 € for kids from 6 to 12), NECESSARY TO BOOK IN ADVANCE.

Malaspina Castle in Monti , Licciana Nardi, guided tours.
Necessary to book in advance, for more information: – 3318866241 – 3663712808