A guided tour of the beauties of Sarzana’s historic centre

Be surprised by the beauty of the city of Sarzana, including impressive monuments and fabulous views through the streets and squares of the historic centre

The guided tour

A special itinerary between art masterpieces, picturesque views and unexpected scenery, along the characteristic streets of this pearl of Eastern Liguria, discovering the historic centre and its hidden masterpieces, with an exclusive visit to the Teatro degli Impavidi  ( The Fearless Theatre )

The itinerary begins right at the Teatro degli Impavidi, a typical Italian-style theatre built in the early 1800s on the old remains  of the old Convent of the Frati Domenicani and wanted by some “Fearless” citizens of Sarzana.

Not far from the theater stands the Sarzana Cathedral, to admire various masterpieces, including Maestro Guglielmo’s famous 1138 Crucifix, and to learn about the legend of the Holy Precious Blood relic.

The tour continues along the squares and alleys of the historic center, through stories, anecdotes and curiosities and ends in front of the Town Hall, in the ancient Piazza della  Calcandola. 


Tour can be arranged upon request for individuals or small groups.

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