Snowshoeing in Lunigiana

The ideal experience to discover the wonders of the snow in the Apennines, having fun with complete safety!

In the winter season, when snowfalls occur in the mountains of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the Tuscan-Ligurian Apennines, the Environmental Hiking Guides of Sigeric organize various snow excursions to discover the most vivid natural landscapes of the upper Lunigiana.
An experience suitable for everyone, which combines fun and discovery of nature even in winter!

The program displays a busy schedule with proposals of various levels of difficulty: from the simplest itineraries, of short length and minimum height-level difference for those approaching snow hiking, to more enhanced routes for those who are already well trained but want to know and deepen the snowy mountain environment thanks to our guides.
Low difficulty does not mean less interest, but simply less effort: each excursion offers non-repeatable environmental, landscape and historical peculiarities.

Some useful information

Snowshoeing takes place exclusively in ideal weather-snow conditions.
In relation to these conditions, the proposed itineraries may vary in difficulty and characteristics.

Excursion cost: € 15 (+ € 10 for snowshoe rental) *
* The cost of the excursion may vary according to the characteristics and duration of the route.

For more information: / 3318866241 / 3663712808

Before participating please read here

Do not overestimate your skills: start from the bottom! Walking on snow is more tiring than walking on earth: snow is often soft and every step will sink into it. In addition, the snowshoe has its own weight! This will add to that of the boot.

The right clothing will allow you to enjoy the experience to the fullest: a warm sock in a water-repellent boot will keep your foot dry; a fleece and a second layer in breathable fabric will avoid you sweating excessively, so you will not catch cold and save fluids useful for your body. Do not forget an additional piece of clothing, a little heavier and more windproof, which will come in handy when resting.

Hands and head easily disperse heat if not properly protected. Get gloves and a hat!

Water is essential, take it with you. When we do physical activity, we are hungry: you can bring a snack to refresh yourself, such as dried fruit or a chocolate bar. If the excursion includes a packed lunch, think carefully about how to compose it, not too much and not too heavy: later on you have to start walking again! Alcohol is prohibited.