Villa Dosi-Delfini

Come and discover with Sigeric the wonderful Villa Dosi Delfini, masterpiece of Pontremoli’s baroque

Villa Dosi Delfini, the masterpiece of Pontremoli’s baroque period, for the first time has opened it’s doors to the public in spring 2017.
Today, after more than three centuries, you can admire the secrets of this baroque palace with its large halls, frescoed rooms, and gardens, which tell the story of lifestyle during the Golden Age of the city of Pontremoli.

Opening hours and guided tours

Villa Dosi in open all year round for private and group tours, only on reservation, by calling Sigeric
Contacts: +393318866241 /

Through the year there are fixed monthly open days, for group tours. To get to know the next opening days follow this link

During the period april-september weekly tours on Wednesdays with an itinerary of Baroque Pontremoli – Villa Dosi Special.
It’s also possible to organize tours on request for groups with special fees by directly contacting Sigeric.

Where we are / History, art, wonders

Villa Dosi Delfini lies just a few hundred metres from the historic centre of Pontremoli (MS), inside the area called “i Chiosi”, along the Verde River.

You can reach the Villa with a pleasant walk which ends in a stone bridge built in 1705, which is the ancient entrance to the villa.

Villa Dosi was probably built in the last years of the XVII century, by the brothers Carlo and Francesco Dosi, two rich business men who had found ad ideal placet o develop their business in Pontremoli.

You may see the statues of the two brothers in the entrance of the villa accompanied by the family coat of arms (a swan, a tower and two dolphins) with the date of construction of the palace.

The project of the villa is linked to Carlo Dosi, a man of culture with the passion for art, architecture and gardening. Carlo chose to decorate his “home” with some of the best artists of the time: the lombardian architect and decorator Francesco Natali and the Tuscan painter Alessandro Gherardini.

The history of Villa Dosi is also the history of a family who lived there for more than three centuries.

Completed in 1700, the palace was abandoned after the French Revolution and the Napoleonic period

It was slowly rebuilt and restored during XIX century but it was again damaged during the Second World War (inside there was a German military base); later it was again restored in the 90’s.

Villa Dosi represents,  in the best way, the lifestyle of its times with an impressive display of architecture, nature, artistic decoration and refined furniture.

The guided tour

Passing the gate we stop to admire the two monumental lebanese cedars, planted in 1867, which today partially hide the facade of the Villa.

Going up the double stairs which lead to the noble floor we get to great hall: this enormous space bound by an elegant balcony in iron is the heart of the building. Here some impressive frescoes cover all the walls and create illusions of perspective.

Around the hall there are nine rooms all frescoed and furnished : the red room, the billiard room, the portrait room, the private chapel, the library, the dining room, the bedrooms.

Back in the main hall we may finish our tour with a walk through the gardens, between secular trees, big lemon vases, hedges and fountains.