About us

SIGERIC SOC. COOP. is a cooperative of tourism professionals, nature- alpine and tour guides, that provides high quality tourism services for travelers, schools, travel agencies and tour operators, tourism businesses and public institutions.Thanks to the solid experience of our associates in travel and tourism, we are able to offer a wide range of services catering for all sorts of travelers, either individuals, families, groups or schools.

Our territory is for us not only our job but first of all a passion. Our aim is to take the traveler (not tourist) to discover Lunigiana (and beyond!) with particular attention to the historical, cultural and natural highlights but also to the ancient traditions and prime local products, turning a simple journey into an unforgettable experience.

Franco Ressa – Nature Guide, Apuan Alps and Cinque Terre National Park Guide

Outdoor, Environment education and School trips Manager
Born as a city person, grown up emotionally among reef and sea, I’ve been living for the last 30 years in the countryside, surrounded by hills and mountains, woods, rivers and the sea, mingling my job with my passions. I’ve always loved sports such as kayak, climbing, ski and mountain bike, not for their competitive side but as a possibility to experience nature in different ways. That’s why I’ve chosen to live immersed in natural environments, working the land and in contact with the sounds of the woods and fields. Music is another great passion of mine, in fact I play the guitar and sing my own songs. Working as a guide in a territory where many of my dreams have come true, is for me an immense gift.

Francesco Bola – Art Historian, Tour leader and Tour Guide, museums expert

Groups and Website Manager
Born and grown up in Lunigiana, I’ve always be passionate for art, history (and tales), sport and outdoor life.
I’ve chosen to turn these passions into my job, to be always in contact with people, nature and beauty, exploring and discovering new places and tales.

Eleonora Bazzali – Tour leader and guide

Graduated in European and Euro-American languages and literature.
I’ve chosen to be a tour guide because I love Lunigiana, the territory where I was born and I’ve always lived, that is rich in art and history, two topics that fascinate me a lot. Also, because this job allows me to be always in contact with new people and I think that every person you meet enriches you as a person. Working as tour guide is for me a real passion.

Pierangelo Caponi, Guida Ambientale Escursionista e ingegnere ambientale
Responsabile attività outdoor

Since I was a child, I love nature and mountain and I explore them in each season, in particular by bike. This passion became my main activity both as environmental engineer and as Nature Guide and co-worker of National Parks Nature Projects.
From Autumn 2017 I am, with pleasure, the President of Sigeric.

Cinzia Nicolini, storica dell’arte, Guida turistica e accompagnatore turistico

Born in Fosdinovo and grown up in Bagnone, Lunigiana is my home. I love travelling and I try to transform my passion into a job, travelling and showing the beauties of my land.



Mattia Olivieri,Nature and Hiking Guide

I was born and grown in Lunigiana, I am a lover of contemporary history and since I was a child, I have attended the Lunigian woods in every season. After the Master Degree in International Studies in Pisa, I decided  to live in Lunigiana, my homeland.


Matilde Ferrari – hiking guide

I was born in Lunigiana, I lived for a few time in the town and then I came back: I couldn’t live far from mountains, forests, streams of this marvellous wild land. I always find my refuge in Nature. The work, as a hiking guide, allows me to discover the beauties of the world and pass on, above all to children, ancient traditions and stories.


Alessia Curadini – Art Historian and Tour Guide

Born and grown in Mulazzo, I am moved every day by the beauty of the Apennines and fascinated by the marvellous history of Lunigiana. My job allows me to pass these emotions on to all the people I meet, to introduce kids and joungsters to beauty and to the immortality of art, to teach them to love and respect their Land.

Our services:

  • Guided tours and outdoor activities for individuals and small groups (on request)
  • Regular join-a-group guided tours and outdoor activities
  • School trips and activities for all ages and grades
  • Marketing and communication services for tourism businesses
  • Professional consultancy for public institutions, management of tourist information offices, castles and museums

Who is Sigeric?

Sigeric from Canterbury was an English monk and archbishop  who lived in the 10th century AD and is today popular all over Europe thanks to his travel journal that is kept at the British Library in London.
This journal was written around 990 AD and represents the first and most ancient documentation of the itinerary of the Via Francigena, pilgrimage route that runs from Canterbury to Rome. In fact Sigeric describes 79 stages across Italy, Suisse, France and England, of his journey coming back from Rome, where he had been appointed archbishop by the Pope.

We have been inspired by Sigeric, ancient pilgrim and traveler, to launch our tourism company looking back to the origins of travelling, underlying the identity of our territory as crossroads and gateway between Italy and Europe, to be reminded to look beyond our horizons.